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New York's Top Session Girls Wrestler. Now introducing membership

New York's Top Session Girls Wrestler. Now introducing membership

New York's Top Session Girls Wrestler. Now introducing membership New York's Top Session Girls Wrestler. Now introducing membership

New York's Top Session Girls Wrestler. Now introducing membership

New York's Top Session Girls Wrestler. Now introducing membership

New York's Top Session Girls Wrestler. Now introducing membership New York's Top Session Girls Wrestler. Now introducing membership New York's Top Session Girls Wrestler. Now introducing membership

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Must be 18 to enter


About Musclegoddessalex

A Versatile Sessiongirls Lady

I am a veteran pro bodybuilder/ female wrestler , based in NYC , who stays in shape all year round. very experienced in Wrestling , Posing , and Sessions. session girls  goddessAlex

A Proven Track Record

For those of you who know me: Thanks for continuing to give me all the fun and trust. For those of you who haven't met me yet heres some scoop on me:

*** I don't care to treat my sessions as business. I aim to add a personal touch and I enjoy and appreciate meeting nice people.

*** YES, my pics are as advertised.

*** YES as a typical girl I change my hair color frequently. LOL!! If you'd like to know what color it is at the time of booking just ask!

***Im VERY experienced in sessions. Both posing and wrestling. I started wrestling when I was 20 years old. 

***Ive always been DOMINANT and BOSSY. In general.

*** You may have heard Im a person of INTEGRITY and I value your DISCRETION. Therefore do know I understand your needs for this and Im not here to shout out your personal info.

*** Im an extremely straight-shooter. If we are not a match I will simply tell you upfront instead of booking a session with you for the sake of it.

***My reputation is important to me.

***Im one of the Session girls who is happy to give referrals for either the girl or session seeker. Im also here for any of you session girls who need some advice or wish to do doubles.

***I always get back to people. If I dont get back to you it means I didn't receive your email.

*****ALL NEW**** In ADDITION to all of my MUSCLE and WRESTLING sessions I proudly introduce HYPNO-DOM sessions!! I am well trained, enjoy these sessions immensely and have a broad spectrum of HYPNOSIS sessions. Write and ask!

*** Referrals available! The select gentlemen I chose to see know they have found the fun combined with the trust and discretion. Therefore if you feel the need I offer communications with gentleman who've had sessions with me to vouch for me. I introduce this unique service as a means of dealing with myself and my inner circle DIRECTLY as opposed to any gossip site.

***Im a fan of honestly as well as classy and articulate email correspondence. You're likely to get better results with me by including general greetings and salutations.

*** I do not take deposits and disappear.

***IF I choose to session with YOU: Do know Im looking forward to it as much as YOU.

*** I truly enjoy my sessions. They are my personal escape besides throwing heavy weights around the gym!

*** I always have excellent personal hygiene. You'd think that was a given but Ive heard it isn't! LOL!

*** Im known to have  a good sense of humor :)) 

I'm a true entertainer and look forward to continuing the fun with you all!



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Anonymous , NYC

***** FIVE STARS! (unless 6 stars is a thing, than in that case 6!) Goddess Alex is sexy, curvy, feminine but HARD as a rock body with a beautiful face, discretion, reliability, honest and quick and easy communication. Translation:Total entertainer. What a rare gem! Alex managed to make me feel comfortable quickly and my nerves disappeared in seconds feeling assured I was in great company. Alex truly provides and "escape" and so worth my time and efforts. I also felt appreciated, I never felt like it was her making a buck and this gorgeous female bodybuilder keeps her word. I actually felt great about myself and my likes for an entire weekend. I sincerely thank you Alex. Session wrestling fan

Anonymous , Maine

I saw Alex recently in NYC. I had never done a session girls before, therefore I was hesitant to see anyone. Throughout ALL of my hesitancy Alex was pleasant, accommodating, a joy to communicate with and went above and beyond to make the session work! As far as muscle girls go Goddessalex is a pro entertainer
She will not play games, not try to upsell you and will tell you very honestly what she can and cannot do. I found this very refreshing.
My interest is in lift and carry and I was pleasantly surprised at the different lifts we were able to do and what she was willing to try. Alex is very strong, in great shape (as her pictures suggest) she looks like a top female bodybuilders and very attractive. I'm a tall guy who is not overweight but I'm certainly not light. I am quite a bit taller than her but she picked me up like a feather and held me with ease! I highly recommend seeing her if you can!
Bonus points for her discretion as I really didn't want my cell phone number out there and she kept her word and deleted it right in front of me which gave me great peace of mind.
Thanks Alex!
D.M. Maine


Well, I see Alex (as often as I can coordinate) for my "Muscle Fix". Why??
1) Her body just seems to be getting better and better. She has a mix of hard, popping muscles combined with gorgeous female curves.
2) She's one of the rare girls who I never have to worry about flaking out or disappearing.
3) She's very skilled. A pro at posing as well as a pro at her wrestling moves (if you're into that)
4) Always fresh, clean and smiling.
5) I never feel like it's just "business". Alex explained she will only take a session with someone she thinks is a good mutual fit to ensure a good experience for both herself and the session man.
6) Oh that integrity. This girl keeps her word. How many people in life can you find like that?
Thank you Ms. Alex! session girls

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